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اوزلام ار

بروفيسور اوزلام ار

طب الأورام (السرطان) طب الاورام الكيماوي

نبذة عني


تركيا ، اسطنبول

سيرة ذاتية

Career: •After becoming a Medical Oncologist in 2002, she performed clinic study at MD Anderson Cancer Center located in Houston, USA on breast cancer and gastrointestinal cancers between 2003 and 2004. She attended courses on current diagnosis and treatment administrations. •She was awarded with associate professor’s degree in 2003. She worked as the Head of Medical Oncology, Medical Faculty, Erciyes University. She participated in education of research associates and managed their thesis studies. •As one of the 8 researchers worldwide who won the project award of AVON – Association for American Cancer Researches (AACR) in 2006-2008, she stayed at Thomas Jefferson University in order to perform experimental studies on breast cancer. She made significant studies on cancer stem cells and cancer development.

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اسطنبول، Acıbadem Maslak Hospital،

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POSTGRADUATE EXPERIENCE 2009 – Present Acıbadem Healthcare Group 2006-2008 Thomas Jefferson University, Breast Cancer Research (Research Fellow)


Awards: •2. National Medical Oncology Congress, Best Declaration Prize (21-24 September 2005, Aksu-Antalya) c-erb-B2 Expression in Small Cell Lung Cancer and Its Effect on Survival Özlem Canöz, Metin Özkan, Vedat Arsav, Özlem Er, Hasan Şenol Coşkun, Mustafa Altınbaş. •1. Medical Oncology Congress, Poster Prize (29 March – 2 April 2006, Antalya) Leiomyomatsis peritonealis disseminata patient referring with acid: Case report. Mustafa Dikilitaş, Özlem Er, Serdar Serin, Işın Soyuer, Namık Yılmaz. •1. Medical Oncology Congress, Poster Prize (29 March – 2 April 2006, Antalya)


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